IEEE Wireless Power Week (WPW 2022)

July 5 – 8, 2022, Bordeaux, FRANCE
with satellite events from July 4 to 9



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The wireless power technology landscape continues to evolve

Abstract: The reach of the wireless power technology continues to grow and expands beyond smartphones, to wider applications and industry sectors, be it consumer, wearables, appliances, computing, smart home, medical, industrial, robotics, automotive, e-mobility, telecom, retail amongst others. Wireless power technology is on the brink of becoming mainstream and soon to be offered as a standard feature, but it needs further technological advancement and at regular intervals. New applications with unique form-factors, design challenges, charging needs, use-cases, and with the strong desire for interoperability are adopting next-generation wireless power solutions that include - low-frequency induction and resonance; high-frequency resonance and NFC Charging; ultra-high frequency ‘distance’ wireless charging based on RF, infrared (IR) as well as Energy Harvesting. While the use of industry standard-based solutions had triggered adoption, we are expected to see influx of proprietary solutions catering to the specific needs of wide range of applications, with unique use-cases, addressing pain-points of consumer and commercial establishments. Times are going to be interestingly wireless.

Speaker's Bio: inesh Kithany, a well-established technology expert, is a Founder and Chief Analyst at Wired & Wireless Technologies (WAWT), a strategic technology analyst and consultancy firm, specializing in wireless power, power supplies and EV charging infrastructure sectors. Prior to founding WAWT, Dinesh was the lead industry analyst on wireless power and the power supply industry with IHS/Informa. He is one of the most sought-after analysts in the industry today. Dinesh has 26+ years of experience, of which past 11 years have been in technology sectors, including smart home, smart appliances, smart connectivity, robotics and drones, interface battleground, wireless power, power supplies and EV charging infrastructure. It’s safe to say, he is passionate about research and delivering insights. Dinesh has helped wide profile of businesses grow at an extraordinary pace with his expertise and strategic advice. He is widely recognized as a key industry thought-leader. He is a regular invitee to speak at key industry conferences, trade shows and events worldwide, including CES, IFA, CABA, ITRI, PCIM, Electronica, APEC and at industry conferences held by Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), NFC Forum, Wireless Communications Alliance (WCA), AirFuel Alliance (AFA) and Wireless Power Week (WPW).