2022 IEEE Wireless Power Week (WPW 2022)

July 5 – 8, 2022, Bordeaux, FRANCE
with satellite events from July 4 to 9

Technologies for wireless power transfer

  • Near-field (inductive, capacitive) transfer
  • Directional and omni-directional transfer
  • Static and dynamic wireless charging
  • Power management and power electronics
  • Acoustic and optical techniques

Systems and circuits for wireless power transfer

  • Coil, antenna and array design.
  • Rectifier circuits and rectennas
  • Back scattering, RFIDs and electronic tags.

Applications of wireless power transfer

  • Wearable and implantable devices
  • Underwater and complex environments
  • EMC/EMI and co-existence
  • Standards, regulations and biological effects

Energy harvesting and hybrid systems†

  • Materials for energy conversion and storage
  • Mechanical, thermal and optical harvesters
  • Micro- and nano- generators
  • Hybrid Energy harvesters
  • Energy extraction and management circuits
  • Battery free-systems and devices

† Special joint session with the Energy Harvesting Summit